Compact Hysteroscope 3.8 mm

Exceptional image quality

The Compact Hysteroscope makes a big contribution to comfort during an intervention with a very small diameter of only 3.8 mm, the PANOVIEW telescope with a 30° direction of view, and the separate inflow and outflow channels. This is very important in particular for fertility and sterility patients.

5 Fr. auxiliary instruments can be introduced through the straight working channel and used to achieve a very gentle intervention. "True Continuous Flow Technology" with separate inflow and outflow channels delivers ideal visibility conditions even in difficult situations. This means that the overview remains stable even when an auxiliary instrument is introduced.

  • Compact and ergonomic instrument with atraumatic instrument tip
  • Outer diameter 3.8 mm
  • PANOVIEW telescope, direction of view 30°
  • Straight 5 Fr. working channel for the application of auxiliary instruments
  • Continuous irrigation with separate inflow and outflow channels for optimum visibility conditions
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