5 Fr. Bipolar Electrode for dissection, preparation and coagulation in hysteroscopy

The outstanding materials used in this premium product for HF gynecology meet all the exacting standards of hysteroscopy.

Although the material of the BipoTrode has a natural stiffness, the processing of a semi-elastic steel means that the BipoTrode can also be used in classic hysteroscopy instruments with an angled 5 Fr. working channel. The stiffness and simultaneous flexibility of the BipoTrode helps the gynecologist in mechanical preparation, dissection and coagulation during hysteroscopy.

  • For dissection, preparation and coagulation in hysteroscopy
  • Very delicate dimensions for introduction through conventional hysteroscopes with 5 Fr. working channel
  • Semi-elastic – can be used in straight and angled working channels
  • Stable and ergonomic grip for easy handling
  • Autoclavable and therefore reusable


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