The new disposable products from Richard Wolf for endourology

– Everything from a Single Source

Completion of the product portfolio with new disposable products now provides all the equipment necessary for endourological interventions (video and laser equipment, instruments and disposable products.

A wide variety of sterile disposable products are available for use in the following applications:

Percutaneous nephrolitholapaxy (PCNL)
Flexible uretero-renoscopy & laser lithotripsy
Semi-rigid uretero-renoscopy

Overview of the spectrum of disposable products:

Ureteral access sheaths

  • Unique expandable dilator tip
  • Atraumatic tip transition

Guide wires

  • The right wire to match every indication

Stone baskets, tipless

  • Small diameter for improved irrigation (version in 1.3 Fr.)
  • Ergonomic handle, disconnectable, with intuitive control

Stone baskets, dormia

  • Sophisticated stone collection baskets with tip
  • Ergonomic handle design with non-slip surface

Ureteral stents

  • Different version (Double-J, Mono-J)
  • Properties matched to patients/requirements (standard, soft, hard or with metal spiral for tumors, ESWL)

Ureter catheters with Tiemann or Nelaton tip

  • With stylet for straightening and improved maneuverability in the ureter

Ureteral occlusion catheter

  • With hydrophilic tip – makes it easier to introduce
  • Gentle dilation – catheter has a conical  taper
  • Transparent connector can be fitted intuitively and need not be aligned
  • Latex-free balloon

Nephrostomy puncture sets

  • R. Wolf can now offer all products for a PCNL intervention

Dilator sets

  • Adjusted to the nephroscope and Amplatz sheaths by R. Wolf

Flexible injection needles

  • In two sizes with visual orientation aid
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