Bipolar forceps and scissors system

Modular, ergonomic and safe – consistent compliance with these requirements is ensured through the modular ERAGONbipolar system. The proven click-it lock technology permits particularly simple assembly and disassembly, and it also allows the use of a wide range of jaw sections. The special interior joint mechanism prevents tissue or fine structures from being pinched. Complete insulation in the area of the joint mechanism also enhances safe operation. Coagulation only takes place where necessary.

The ergonomic design of the ERAGON handle was a top priority taking into account different areas of application and individual hand and finger sizes. The special design enables users to operate the instrument in any position. This guarantees relaxed and fatigue-free working.

  • Three-part modular structure – can be dismantled for reprocessing
  • Ø 5.5 mm, working length 330 mm
  • Selection of different jaw insert versions
  • Ergonomic ERAGON handle
  • The click-it lock technology permits easy assembly and disassembly
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