Sterile Universal Sealing Valve

Self-closing seal system for universal application

High level of adjustment capability with comfortable handling – the sterile Universal Sealing Valve can be used individually with rigid and flexible uretero-renoscopes, nephroscopes, cystoscopes, etc.

The special internal and external thread permits adaptation to all 3 mm luer connectors and mounting threads. The sealing valve is self-centering and fits automatically to the corresponding diameter of the inserted auxiliary instrument, which prevents egress of irrigation fluid. This design makes it easy to introduce instruments from the distal end and from the proximal side of the instrument without any hitches.

  • Sealing valve for universal use
  • For auxiliary instruments of 1 - 6 Fr.
  • Automatic adjustment at the diameter of the auxiliary instrument used
  • Usable on 3 mm luer connectors
  • Self-centering
  • Option of distal and proximal introduction of guide wires
  • Flexible auxiliary instruments, such as laser fibers, tipless baskets and guide wires can easily be moved in an axial and radial direction
  • Packed singly, sterile and immediately useable
  • lso usable with products from competitors
  • Short and light-weight design
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