KeyPort flex

New flexibility for transanal and transabdominal surgery

Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery (TEM) has developed into an established procedure for the treatment of local, benign tumors or low-risk rectal carcinomas. A further development and current trend in this area is transanal single port surgery. The single port surgery familiar from minimally invasive abdominal surgery can now also be used in transanal surgery.

The KeyPort flex system was therefore developed on the basis of the KeyPort system. This product will enable Richard Wolf to supply a cost-effective and simple single port solution for transanal single port surgery and for laparoscopic, colorectal single port surgery.

A key element of the KeyPort flex system is a flexible disposable tube.
The tube is made of silicone and the specially selected grade of hardness offer adequate stability while at the same time providing atraumatic flexibility. The specific geometry with a taper in the center section and a silicone ring at the distal end offers enough space for surgical work with a secure anchor in the canal and the abdominal wall.

The combination of disposable and reusable components makes KeyPort flex a costeffective and flexible single port system.

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