Bioactive and bioresorbable interference screws for ACL and PCL reconstruction

BioactIF OSTEOTRANS is the name for the new generation of bioactive and bioresorbable interference screws from Richard Wolf. The unique Osteotrans composite material made of Poly-L-Lactide (PLLA) and unsintered Hydroxylapatite (uHA) demonstrates an osteoconductive effect in bones. Trabecular structures grow into the surface of the implant from the surrounding bone within a short space of time. 

The distribution of uHA particles generated uniformly by a special manufacturing process also creates a permanent buffer of the lactic acid produced in the course of degradation of the PLLA components and hence prevents inflammatory reactions in bones and tissue, as well as encapsulation of the implant. The mechanical characteristics generated in the course of the special manufacturing method for the material are comparable with the properties of the surrounding bone. The transfer of forces from the surrounding bone to the implant is thereby ensured. This is a key prerequisite for activating the osteoblasts. Complete bone reconstruction can hence be achieved for this area. The implant can easily be seen in X-ray visualization.

The BioactIF OSTEOTRANS interference screws are supplied in the following dimensions:
Diameter 6 mm in the length of 20 mm
Diameter 7, 8 and 9 mm in the lengths 20 mm, 25 mm and 30 mm
Two screwdrivers are supplied for screwing in the interference screws and for cutting the thread in the bone.

  • Direct connection with the bone, osteoconductive
  • Optimum physiological properties through the use of composite material made of Poly-L-Lactide (PLLA) and unsintered Hydroxylapatite (uHA)
  • Avoidance of rejection reactions through acid buffering
  • No osteolysis
  • Long-term bioresorption
  • New bone formation through remodeling process


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