The future in a new light – LED advances

Light is the basis for surgical precision and appropriate diagnoses. Up to now Xenon-based light sources were the medium of choice. However, the endoscopic operating field will be illuminated in a new light in the future.
Richard Wolf LED technology is already capable of replacing the highest performance class "300 watt  xenon".

The new ENDOLIGHT light sources have been specially tailored to endoscopic applications and can be used in interdisciplinary applications. The light sources are supplied in different technologies, power classes and with a wide range of accessories.

ENDOLIGHT LED light sources offer many benefits for users. LED light sources have a very long lifetime and they virtually never need to be changed. The efficiency of LED lamps and modules is exceptionally high, i.e. the power consumption is low and very little heat is generated in the device.

These new light sources from Richard Wolf are virtually inaudible. They are the quietest on the market. This feature makes an important contribution to improved working conditions in the operating room. Furthermore, all devices have a glare shield if the light cable is not plugged in. The light color of the ENDOLIGHT LED light sources is very constant and similar to the light generated by xenon lamps, i.e. also suitable for new, digital endoscopic cameras.

The three versions differ in the following aspects:

  • dialog light control or manual control
  • Wolf light socket or multi-use socket
  • Remote function for on-off light control using the camera
  • Safe start function

dialog light control

The dialog light control is a unique feature of the ENDOLIGHT light sources in conjunction with an ENDOCAM Logic HD camera. The camera controls the light volume of the light source fully automatically in dialog mode. This always gives users optimum image quality while at the same time providing optimum protection for patients and equipment.

Multi-use socket

Richard Wolf supplies ENDOLIGHT light sources with the option of a user-friendly multi-use socket for use with light cables from other manufacturers.

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