Instrument Set for Elbow Arthroscopy

Precision to a new standard – optimized for the elbow

The special set offers a practical selection of instruments. The arthroscopist benefits from the perfect integration of all components to the anatomical requirements and optimum harmonization with the pathologies being treated.
These features also facilitate the reduction of risks caused by delays and any resulting critical swellings.

Spatial proximity to the capsule and neurovascular structures, and the special intraarticular dimensions are reflected in the dimensionally optimized auxiliary instruments.
Ideal prerequisites for safely reaching areas that are difficult to access.

Perfect for the shuttle technique

The instrument set was developed jointly together with the leading elbow specialist Dr. Hollinger, ARCUS Sports Hospital Pforzheim, and is ideal for carrying out the shuttle technique developed by Dr. Hollinger.

  • The markings on the access instruments simplify orientation in the joint and improve handling
  • Sharp, flattened trocar for easier access to and positioning of the posterocentral portal
  • Both trocar sleeves of the Arthrolution Series can be used to accommodate the telescope, and as irrigation cannulas
  • The working length of the trocar / telescope allows auxiliary instruments to "shuttle" and simplifies the creation of the anteromedial portal in the "inside-out technique"
  • The user-friendly and dimensionally optimized auxiliary instruments mean that areas which are difficult to reach can also be treated


  • Arthroscopes with a shorter working length of 77.5 mm – optimally also for application in the ankle
  • Miniature Shaver Handle "Micro Stick S1" with power cutters and burrs in diameter Ø 2 mm to Ø 4.5 mm for small and medium-sized joints
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