GreenLEP Set for Laser Enucleation

Pioneering in BPH therapy

GreenLight Laser Vaporization has become one of the most popular and widespread therapy methods for the surgical treatment of benign enlargements of the prostate. A newly developed procedure now permits even the adenoma to be enucleated with minimal bleeding.

Richard Wolf provides a special "Freestyle" laser instrument for this purpose. This advanced BPH therapy offers users maximum benefits with outstanding handling, patented laser fiber guide, and optimum visualization and irrigation conditions. The treatment period for patients with medium-sized or very large prostate volumes is significantly reduced. 

Four different, complete GreenLEP instrument sets can be supplied for BPH therapy. Only the application of optimized instruments allows the full benefits of this laser technology to be achieved and the surgical results to be improved.

"Freestyle" working insert for GreenLightT laser fibers

  • The GreenLight "Freestyle" working insert guarantees perfect freedom of movement for users
  • Users can maneuver in an axial and radial direction without any restriction

Laser resectoscope – the perfect alternative to the "Freestyle" Laser instrument

  • Passive working element
  • Laser fiber guide with spring element for avoiding vibrations at the distal probe tip
  • Defined length stop for laser fiber

PIRANHA Morcellation System
Richard Wolf markets its own tissue morcellator for shredding the prostate tissue produced during the process of enucleation. The exceptionally powerful, safe and easily operated PIRANHA tissue morcellator simplifies the GreenLEP technique and expedites the intervention.

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