MegaPulse 30+ Holmium YAG Laser

Powerful laser system for treatment of stones and more…

High power, a range of intuitive adjustment modes and lots of user comfort – the two laser systems MegaPulse 30+ offer all this.

Both devices provide efficient stone therapy and flexibility whether as a mobile tower or a compact desktop version. Large, user-friendly touch displays, innovative technology and the latest components permit maximum performance in a compact design. The Holmium YAG Laser is characterized by its powerful 30 watts with max. 4.0 joules and max. 25 Hz.

  • Special user presets
  • Intuitive user navigation with touchscreen
  • Different operating modes (lithotripsy, coagulation, ablation, stone dusting)
  • Automatic fiber and fiber-size recognition
  • Small intervals of energy and frequency adjustment

A large range of disposable and reusable laser fibers complete the system. Suitable for use in stone therapy combined with the flexible sensor uretero-renoscopes "BOA vision & COBRA vision" or for percutaneous nephrolithopaxy.

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