Lateral thinking round corners – The first articulated bone burr for full-endoscopic spine surgery

A key benefit of endoscopic surgical procedures for the spinal column is that the angled direction of view enables users to "look round corners" and this permits greater visualization over a bigger area during an operation. It is important that the working instruments and abrading instruments can be adjusted to the field of vision of the endoscopic operation and articulated.

The unique TipControl burr is articulated at the distal end and empowers the surgeon to carry out flexible and selective bone resection under full endoscopic visualization. The ergonomic design also provides users with comfortable handling under optimum conditions even during extended interventions.

The cardan burr insert at the distal end of the TipControl is a disposable product which is supplied sterile in packs of 5. The TipControl bone burr is supplied in working lengths of 290 mm and 350 mm.  

The sheath of the TipControl is connected like a shaver blade to the relevant handles and can be reprocessed at any time. The shaver systems PowerDrive ART1 and COMBIDRIVE EN are compatible with the motor handles Power Stick M4, Power Stick M5/0 and Power Stick M5/3.

Possible indications for use of the TipControl instrument set are:

  • Resection of the joint facets in lateral spinal canal stenoses (interlaminar approach)
  • Resection of the lamina in central spinal canal stenoses (interlaminar approach)
  • Expansion of the foramen (transforaminal approach)
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