VERTEBRIS cervical

Instrument set for full-endoscopic surgery of the cervical spine

Completely new dimensions are opened up by the unique, full-endoscopic cervical spine instrument set from Richard Wolf – the overall concept for endoscopic operations on the cervical spine.

The development of new endoscopes and instrument sets, tailored to the surgical techniques of the anterior and posterior approach, today permit full-endoscopic surgical interventions on cervical disk herniations under continuous visualization.  

VERTEBRIS cervical permits endoscopic treatment of cervical disk herniations – visual quality and the specific design structure of the instrument set permit the operation to be carried out at the level of the lumbar surgical procedure. These are important enablers for the success of these innovative operating methods on the spine.

Richard Wolf cooperated with Priv.-Doz. Sebastian Ruetten, St. Anna-Hospital, Herne, to develop an overall concept for the endoscopic treatment of cervical spine disk herniations taking specific indication criteria into account.

Two innovative basic instrument sets are supplied:

  • VERTEBRIS cervical dorsal
  • VERTEBRIS cervical ventral

PowerDrive ART1
The instrument set is supplemented by the universal motor system Power Drive ART1. Powerful shaver handles with a maximum operating speed of 16.000 rpm can be connected here.

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