Sterisafe DURO A3

The intelligent, pioneering solution for sterilization of flexible and rigid endoscopes

Richard Wolf supplies the Sterisafe DURO A3 as a sterilization container for flexible and rigid endoscopes which manages without outer packaging.

For flexible endoscopes 
The Sterisafe DURO A3 Set comprises a sterilization container and the Toolsafe lattice base. It provides flexible Richard Wolf endoscopes with safe storage in a sterile barrier and packaging system in conformity with DIN EN ISO 11607.
The principle of the Pasteur Loop between the lid and the base means that an additional seal is no longer necessary.

The use of translucent, tough, high-performance plastic makes the Sterisafe DURO A3 extremely robust. The Toolsafe lattice base made of silicone offers flexible endoscopes an additional safeguard as a result of the specially shaped lattice structure with appropriate positioning aids.

Just a few other steps are necessary to store the flexible endoscope safely and sterilize it under protected conditions. Most importantly – expensive outer packaging is no longer necessary.

  • Suitable for plasma, ethylene-oxide and formaldehyde sterilization procedures
  • Proven material conservation in the flexible endoscope during plasma sterilization (Sterrad procedure), i.e. longer service intervals between sterilization
  • Integrated process indicators on the filter material (ethylene oxide, formaldehyde and plasma sterilization)
  • Safe storage and transport for all flexible Richard Wolf endoscopes
  • Alkaline reprocessing > pH 10 possible
  • Stackable
  • No sterile outer packaging is necessary
  • Enhanced safety during sterilization, storage and transport
  • Fewer personnel required, lower disposal and material costs


For rigid endoscopes
Sterisafe DURO A3 - Set Universal Steam
The set comprises the Sterisafe DURO A3 Universal Steam and the Toolsafe lattice base.  

  • Ideal for steam sterilization of rigid instruments
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