System blue: Photodynamic Diagnosis of Bladder Tumors

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Early identification plays a key role in the treatment of bladder tumors. The new System blue from Richard Wolf uses a unique LED-based light PDD light source for the first time. It allows a urinary bladder carcinoma to be distinguished even more clearly from healthy tissue.

The innovative system is made up of five components which are ideally matched to each other:

  • ENDOLIGHT LED blue Light Source
  • Special fiber light cable
  • PENDUAL blue HD Camera Head
  • PANOVIEW Telescopes blue
  • ENDOCAM Logic HD Camera Controller 

New pathways for blue light application for urinary bladder cancer

The perfectly tailored emission range of the ENDOLIGHT LED blue Light Source ideally correlates with the main absorption band of the PPIX based photosensitizer. When performing cystoscopy in a Photodynamic Diagnosis, it provides a much better color contrast than with conventional PDD light sources based on xenon lamps. The stronger tumor fluorescence and the high-resolution bright full HD endoscopic image means that a resection can be carried out entirely under blue light. The surgeon sees a much clearer visualization of the tumorous tissue thanks to the two unique Special Imaging Modes “BluePDD” and “bluePDD Color Contrast” of the ENDOCAM Logic HD Camera Controller. The light source can also be used for white-light endoscopy.

Another innovative component of the new system is provided by the flexible special fiber light cable. The optimized fiber design of this cable ensures improved light transmission. Another feature is that the light cable is fully autoclavable – currently a unique characteristic among light cables for fluorescence applications. Harmonized blue endoscopes and a special PENDUAL blue HD Camera Head complement the innovative turnkey system.

Advantages of the new PDD System from Richard Wolf

  • Maximum and brilliant color contrast between tumorous and health tissue 
  • Flexible toggling between white light and blue light
  • High-resolution and bright full HD image so that a complete bladder tumor resection can be carried out under blue light 
  • Autoclavable and highly flexible special fiber light cable
  • 1 Chip Pendual Camera Head with an improved image frequency

All components can also be used for white-light endoscopy. 

Find out here about the new "blue"-Standard: and make use of the compact product brochure that is waiting for you to download.

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