Bipolar Enucleation Electrode

Enucleation simply different

Therapy for benign enlargement of the prostate has been increasingly developing in the direction of transurethral endoscopic enucleation. Richard Wolf has developed a special electrode for this purpose in order to meet the varying requirements of bipolar enucleation.

Impressive features:

  • Small electrode head for precise and refined work
  • Wedge-shaped contact surface at the distal end permits purely blunt, mechanical enucleation or effective vaporization and incision using HF current
  • The tissue penetration depth of the enucleation electrode is approximately 0.2 mm* with bipolar vaporization and lower than laser technologies, for example Holmium:YAG Laser.
  • Proximal lead wires with high mechanical stability permit a good overview of the operating site
  • “Donut” shaped footprint permits an effective vaporization with reduced bleeding, and coagulation
  • Can be used for a wide range of applications: enucleation, coagulation, vaporization
  • Atraumatic ceramic tip of the Shark inner sheath is used to pretension the tissue

Cost-effective system solution: The electrode in combination with the PIRANHA Morcellator and the SHARK Resectoscopes provide an economic system solution with a lot of advantages.

*Article from the Journal of Endourology, Volume 31, No. 3, March 2017, pages 300-306, Title: Bipolar Plasmakinetic Enucleoresection of the Prostate: Our Experience with 245 Patients for 3 years of Follow-up, Authors: Ahmed Abou-Taleb, MD, Waleed El-Shaer, MD, Wael Kandeel, MD, Tarek Gharib, MD and Alaa Elsihaer, MD.

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