MAMBA vision

The new flexible Sensor Cystoscope for ENDOCAM Logic 4K Platform

The MAMBA vision is - a third member of the vision family - and it impresses by featuring a thin and exceptionally flexible outer sheath with articulation through 210 °, both up and down. The large working and irrigation channel permits optimum irrigation performance. The new flexible Sensor Cystoscope MAMBA vision has outstanding image quality coupled with homogeneous illumination provided by two distally integrated LEDs. The Highlight are the 6 integrated Special Imaging Modes (SIM) - Digital algorithms for easier tissue differentiation.

  • 210° articulation up and down
  • Large 7.5 Fr. working and irrigation channel
  • Outer diameter 16.2 Fr.
  • Atraumatic tapered tip with diameter of 11.5 Fr.
  • Two distally integrated LEDs
  • Two programmable camera heads for four different functions
  • Ergonomic handle with axial camera cable


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