MegaPulse 70+ Laser

Power. Flexibility. Usability.

The new Holmium: YAG Laser MegaPulse 70+ has a maximum power of 70 watts and offers the potential for performing two types of intervention in one powerful device – lithotripsy and enucleation.

A laser for two applications:

  • Power: 70 watts, energy: max. 5.0 joules, frequency: max. 60 hertz
  • Wide range of user settings for lithotripsy and the treatment of soft tissue (enucleation)
  • Special laser fibers for particularly high power
  • Automatic laser fiber recognition using RFID antenna even in sterile packaging
  • 12“ rotatable and foldaway touchscreen monitor
  • Two pedal foot switch (e.g. for fragmentation and pulverization)
  • Adjustable pulse duration of 50 µS - 1100 µS

The MegaPulse 70+ Laser has interdisciplinary, versatile application (e.g. in gastroenterology, gynecology, general surgery).

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