The new Sharp. The new Authentic. The new Efficient.

4K means a resolution of at least 3840 x 2160 pixels and therefore fourfold with respect to the previous HD standard. As a result, very small and fine structures can be clearly and unambiguously identified. The richness of detail leads to a virtually three-dimensional visual impression so that the spatial orientation and depth effect improves.Total image processing chain optimized to 4K

  • High-resolution PANOVIEW ULTRA Telescopes: bright – clear – true
  • Distortion-free objective lenses
  • ENDOCAM Logic 4K Camera Controller for a brilliant resolution in 4K UHD – without extrapolation
  • Special Imaging Modes (SIM) for improved tissue differentiation to suit the situation
  • Autoclavable, lighter, and more ergonomic camera head
  • ENDOLIGHT LED 2.2: light-intense – long life – efficient
  • Fusion high-power light cable
  • Harmonized 4K monitors
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