EndoTORCH Light Tube

Specially designed for the MILOS Method

The light tube for the MILOS Method (Mini Less Open Sublay Method) has been developed in cooperation with Dr. med. Wolfgang Reinpold, head of the Department of Surgery at the Wilhelmsburger Hospital Groß-Sand, Hamburg, especially for laparoscopically-assisted treatment of abdominal-wall / incisional hernias.

The EndoTORCH Light Tube  is used as an external light source in the MILOS method. EndoTORCH has a 5 mm instrument channel. The EndoTORCH Light Tube is pushed along this channel on the outer sheath of a laparoscopic 5 mm instrument which is used to position the mesh implant (e.g. Dynamesh CICAT) outside the abdominal wall in a minimally invasive procedure.
When the light tube is connected to a light source, it guarantees complete illumination of the surgical area.

• EndoTORCH Light Tube Ø 10 mm with instrument channel Ø 5 mm, overall length 200 mm
• Compatible with the ERAGONmodular instrument set  Ø 5 mm
• Recommended light cable, Ø 5 mm

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