ENDOCAM Logic HD with "Special Imaging Mode"

– the new features

With immediate effect, the latest camera generation ENDOCAM Logic HD is supplied with "Special Imaging Modes" (SIM). Existing Logic HD Cameras can be easily upgraded using a USB stick and the SIM software free of charge.

"Special Imaging Mode" (SIM) designates all imaging modes which diverge from normal, natural white-light imaging. Six new Special Imaging Modes are available to users. They are special image-process algorithms, which can be helpful for improved tissue differentiation depending on the situation. A selected mode is activated at the touch of a button on the camera head and gives the user the option of using the image algorithm. Additional hardware is not required for SIM.

High Dynamic Range describes exploitation of the full dynamic range of image material. Dark image areas are lightened and very bright, over-exposed areas are darkened. The endoscopic image supplies more information in these boundary areas.

Color Contrast Modi 1 bis 3
The Color Contrast Modes strengthen color contrasts incrementally and use preset color shifts in order to highlight these enhanced areas even further.

Contrast 1 und Contrast 2
The contrast modes strengthen color contrasts, but a color shift does not take place.

An innovative turnkey system that occupies a key position in the marketplace for endoscopy cameras. The camera forms the central module in a new generation of digital camera heads, intelligent LED light sources, efficient light cables, brilliant monitors and advanced chip-on-the-tip technology. ENDOCAM Logic HD can be integrated in core nova, the digital operating room from Richard Wolf.

Highly developed dialog function
All the important parameters of interactive devices for dialog are displayed on the monitor. The dialog function of Logic HD permits automatic control of the light source through the camera. Users no longer have to implement any settings.
This represents our contribution to simplifying operation.

ENDOCAM Logic HD has a large number of application profiles that have been tested in clinical settings and can be quickly selected. This means that the new system is compatible with any situation in the operating theater. Menu-driven navigation is very easy. Surgeons and technicians are also able to specify a large number of settings themselves and define individual profiles.

Ideal overview
Pendulum camera head "PENDUAL"
The multiple award-winning pendulum housing can be easily rotated by a simple turning action to create an axial camera head (e.g. for rigid URS).

Integrated documentation
ENDOCAM Logic HD can record Full HD videos on a USB storage. Also integrated is a still image archive, printing function and patient data input mask.

ENDOCAM Logic HD has been designed for the highest image transmission standards:

  • A selection can be made from a choice of 8 different CCU versions
  • HDMI outputs are standard
  • Unique: SDI / HD SDI / 3G SDI equipment versions for transmission of 1080p to SDI 
  • PIP = picture in picture input (also 3G-SDI) 
  • Analog outputs
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