Video Mediastinoscope, spreadable

The world’s first dismantlable video mediastinoscope 

Richard Wolf is supplying the world’s first dismantlable solution in the market with the new spreadable video mediastinoscope.
A simple twist of the wrist enables this instrument to be dismantled into its constituent elements for optimum reprocessing. Complemented by the elegant haptic design and the integrated endoscope, this mediastinoscope offers users and hygiene personnel optimum prerequisites.

Alongside the new video mediastinoscope, the operating set is primarily comprised of bipolar instruments. This is another feature of Richard Wolf instruments – the neutral electrode is no longer necessary. The bipolar suction tubes in particular represent a unique selling point. These tubes combined with the spreadable, optical mediastinoscope offer unrivalled opportunities.

  • Deployment for "Extended Mediastinoscopy", i.e. the space gained through parallel and distal expansion permits improved access to lymph nodes located laterally
  • Permanent, optical visualization through the integrated endoscope
  • Suction-irrigation channel for cleaning the telescope during the intervention
  • Height-adjustable (parallel adjustment)
  • Spreadable in a distal direction
  • Connectable with conventional camera systems
  • No neutral electrode necessary for working at high frequency
  • Completely dismantlable – including the adjustment mechanism
  • Very easy to handle – optimized adjustment mechanism through use of precision ball bearings
  • Fully compliant with the latest reprocessing guidelines
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