The Laparoscopic Toolbox

ERAGONmodular – the laparoscopic instrument system for individual, interdisciplinary application.
ERAGONmodular offers users a wide range of options to put together their individual laparoscopic instrument set. Ergonomic handles, all diameters relevant to the routine requirements of medical practice, effective working lengths, and a range of jaw sections can be combined as necessary.
This compatibility also ensures that individual instrument tray can comprise fewer instruments – an advantage for efficiency and an opportunity to reduce costs.

The universal ergonomic design of the ERAGON handles was also created taking into account different areas of application and individual hand and finger sizes.
The ERAGONmodular "Click-it" lock technology offers another decisive advantage. The intuitive quick connect lock system operates entirely without complicated mechanisms and can be activated safely and reliably at any time.

Hygiene standard and patient safety
The risk of microbial damage is virtually excluded due to the high-quality Halar® coating for the sheath tubes and this ensures enhanced safety when using monopolar HF electricity.

  • Interdisciplinary applications
  • Individually combinable
  • Wide range of jaw inserts with different diameters and working lengths
  • Large number of handle versions
  • Optimized instrument tray configuration
  • Three-part modular structure – can be dismantled for reprocessing
  • 2 mm instruments - two-part modular structure

5 mm sheath tube with scale / cm marking

The scale on the new sheath tube is used to measure distances during an operation and for assessing the size of findings and for measuring the length of the tissue portion to be removed. This is useful in bariatric surgery in order to measure reliably the length of loops in the small intestine. The new sheath tube is supplied in the working lengths 330 and 450 mm.

ERAGONmodular Brochure

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