Articulating Forceps for Rigid Bronchoscopy

The new articulating forceps were created to meet the needs of today’s interventional bronchoscopist and come in three different jaw types.
They were designed especially to complement the TEXAS bronchoscopes and tracheoscopes, which offer the user to work under direct endoscopic visualization.
All three models include a 360° rotatable shaft, offering users a truly multi-functional instrument with the capability to adjust and lock the angle of the jaw opening.
The handles of these new forceps were specially designed to maintain comfort and ergonomics, especially when much force is required. The lever to control the articulating distal tip can easily be switched to either side of the handle for use by both right and left-handed users.

The articulating biopsy forceps allow easy extraction of hard-to-reach pathologies in the Trachea and bronchi.

Designed not only for removal of foreign bodies, the grasping forceps features a powerful, single-action, serrated jaw which allows manipulation and quick removal of both silicone and Nitinol tracheal and Y-stents, as well as foreign bodies.

The one-of-a-kind, articulating scissors offers a new dimension in the removal of Nitinol stents. The in-grown or damaged metal stents can be effortlessly targeted and cut apart for quick and easy removal.

  • Available with three different jaw types
  • Distal articulation of the jaw
  • 360° positioning of the jaw through rotation of the shaft
  • Jaws can be locked shut for easier operation
  • Effective and easier removal of stents with the scissors
  • For use with the TEXAS and Hemer bronchoscopes and tracheoscopes
  • Comfortable, effortless operation through a ergonomically-shaped handle
  • Optimal reprocessing possible through integrated Luer lock connectors
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