Suction and irrigation system for proctoscopy and rectoscopy

The "RECTO PUMP" instrument system has been specially designed for efficient cleaning of the rectum in proctoscopy and rectoscopy. Precise and clear visualization of the rectal cavity is often only possible with targeted flushing and simultaneous suction.

The device is controlled by a microprocessor module. Individual device parameters are displayed on a large LCD display in the front panel. The user can define individual power levels using the front keypad. The examiner is able to use the foot switch to set individual device functions or adjust them directly at the unit.

Suction and irrigation is carried out by a specially developed suction and irrigation pistol. The suction channel has been designed with a particularly large lumen so that suction can be performed efficiently. Simultaneous suction and irrigation is also possible with this special design. The necessary irrigation pressure of approx. 1 l/min is generated by a roller pump and activated by a foot switch.

  • Powerful pump system with "boost" function for instant activation of maximum performance, e.g. for clearing blockages in the suction-irrigation tube
  • Particularly helpful when removing large amounts of stools, for example which could not be passed by incontinent patients
  • Reduced background noise with automatic standby function
  • Individual program settings with advanced microprocessor technology
  • Hygienic control of functions using the foot switch
  • Overflow protection with automatic shutdown at maximum level for the secretion container
  • Disposable secretion bags and reusable secretion containers can be used
  • Large-lumen reusable rectum suction-irrigation pistol in combination with disposable tube set for cost-effective use
  • Optionally also supplied as completely disposable system (combination of rectum suction-irrigation pistol and tube set)
  • Working length of 390 mm is also ideal for long rectoscopes (WL 300 mm)
  • Special equipment cart and storage holder for rectum suction and irrigation pistol


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