Shockwave therapy focused, linear, planar

New and improved features define the next generation of piezo shockwave devices from Richard Wolf and ELvation Medical.

The latest development of a linear focusing shockwave therapy source is a world first. This facilitates significantly more homogeneous and more effective application compared with conventional, point-focused shockwaves.
The piezoelectric shockwave principle permits a unique variability of shockwave modulation. This mobile therapy unit permits a choice between the conventionally focused shockwave, the linear-focused shockwave and the planar pressure wave.

Based on the piezo single and double-interface technology, a range of therapy units is available for the varied spectrum of indications in orthopedics - focused, planar and, as a world, first linear-focused.  

  • Choice of three therapy sources: point-focused, linear-focused and planar
  • Gel pads with different penetration depths for point- and linear-focused therapy sources
  • Planar therapy source with 5 mm penetration depth
  • Plug & Play - therapy source identification
  • Low-pain energy input through "direct focusing" technology
  • Easy control concept – optionally with app support and IPad holder
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