Endoscopes for neonates up to adolescent

The individually adjusted instrument size is one of the key prerequisites for atraumatic endoscopy. Particularly in pediatric urology, the risk of lesions to the mucosal lining in the urethra is very high as a result of using large-lumen instruments. Life-long complications from recurrent strictures may result.

For indications in the specialist area of pediatrics, Richard Wolf supplies rigid endoscopes with different diameters, lengths and fields of view. Modular system solutions complement the product range with flexible endoscopes in the most advanced technologies for the treatment of patients ranging from neonates to adolescents.

For neonates and small children

Miniature compact fiber cysto-urethroscope, 4.5 / 6.5 Fr
for gentle passage through the urethra

  • Excellent miniature fiber telescope, viewing direction 5°
  • Effective irrigation with oval irrigation and working channel for auxiliary instruments up to 3 Fr.

Compact universal operating cysto-urethroscope, 8 / 9.8 Fr.
for reflux therapy (VUR = vesicoureteral reflux) in small children

  • Atraumatically formed distal tip
  • Optimum visual conditions, viewing direction 12°
  • Irrigation and working channel for flexible and rigid auxiliary instruments up to 5 Fr.


For adolescents

The dimensions of these instruments are between those used in the instruments sets for small children and adults. They therefore offer maximally atraumatic yet effective therapy based on the criteria of modern endourology.  

MIDI-size Instrument Set by Rösch
The "MIDI-size" cysto-urethroscopes (12.5 Fr. and 14.5 Fr.) with working channels of 5 Fr. or 7 Fr. offer adequate capacity for the corresponding auxiliary instruments.  

  • Avoidance of recurrent strictures through atraumatic distal tip
  • PANOVIEW telescope, Ø 2.7 mm, viewing direction 30°
  • Compatible with all common injection needles for endoscopic anti-reflux tube

The instrument set is complemented with a resectoscope of 14.5 Fr. and together with the associated auxiliary instruments opens up all the options for endourological surgery.  

  • Effective atraumatic treatment for very small anatomies
  • PANOVIEW telescope Ø 2.7 mm, viewing direction 0°
  • Range of stricture scalpels


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