PiezoLith 3000

Modular ESWL System

The modular structure of the device concept allows individual system requirements to be taken into account. Different location systems can be combined with the lithotripter module to create an ergonomically optimized workstation. A stationary arrangement of the devices allows direct access to the system without having to readjust the components.

Apart from treatment for kidney, ureteral and bladder stones, the PiezoLith 3000 also offers the opportunity to carry out applications in orthopedics, gastroenterology and ENT.

  • Choice of three treatment tables
  • Three-way focus can be toggled for optimum stone fragmentation
  • Low, medium and high-energy treatment
  • Dual Simultaneous Real-time location (DSR) – the most precise form of location
  • Inline ultrasound location for fast and safe location of kidney stones
  • WOLF Lithoarm – patented unit for adapting shockwave systems to X-ray machines in order to retain the mobility and modularity of individual components in the lithotripsy system
  • Outline X-ray location for low-radiation location of bladder stones
  • Treatment possible without any anesthesia or sedation
  • Guaranteed lifetime of 5 million shock waves (or 2 years)
  • Optional: PACS/HIS network link through DICOM

Therapy source

  • Piezoelectric, direct focusing shockwave technology
  • Low shockwave noise level of max. 72dB(A)
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