COXARTIS - Instrument Set for Hip Arthroscopy

Perfectly designed for the specific, anatomical characteristics of the hip joint

Arthroscopy has been a tool in standard orthopedic operations on many joints, for example the knee and shoulder joints, for many years. However, the surrounding musculature makes access to the hip joint much more difficult by comparison with the knee and shoulder joints.   

In recent years, a number of surgeons have refined hip-joint surgery and developed techniques which permit arthroscopic treatment of an increasing number of conditions associated with the hip joint. Hip-joint arthroscopy is a procedure which allows the joint cavity between the head of the femur and the socket of the hip bone (central compartment) to be inspected, as well as the rest of the joint cavity (peripheral compartment).

Frequent indications for hip joint arthroscopy are free arthroliths in the hip joint, impingement of the hip joints, cartilage damage in the hip joint, disease of the joint mucus membrane in the hip joint, and damage to the acetabular labrum.

COXARTIS - Instrument Set
The Arthrolution trocar sleeves were shaped specially for atraumatic use in the joint in conjunction with a PANOVIEW telescope with a 70° angle of view. Telescopes with a 30° or 45° angle of view can also be used. A maintenance-free click locking mechanism guarantees simple, safe and fast connection of the telescopes in the trocar sleeves. Cannulated trocars allow direct introduction of the arthroscopes into the joint via the guide wire.
A new continuous-irrigation trocar sleeve was developed to optimize the view in the joint. Balanced continuous irrigation and suction allow the joint to be irrigated quickly and guarantee an excellent view. Longer arthroscopes are also available for obese patients. A precise alignment device with intuitive operation is supplied to create additional ports. A comprehensive range of hand instruments, such as the new microfractor PulseShifter, completes the optimized instrument set.

A special instrument set for this innovative method was developed in cooperation with Dr. Wolfgang Miehlke, ARCUS Sports Hospital, Pforzheim.

  • PANOVIEW telescopes and Arthrolution trocar sleeves – perfectly matched to meet the requirements of hip arthroscopy
  • All indications for hip arthroscopy can be treated
  • Cannulated access instruments ("pipe") for convenient insertion and working
  • Direct passage of all soft-tissue structures via puncture cannulas for primary access to the joint
  • Semi-flexible guide wires as a blunt guide rail for the introduction of all cannulated instruments
  • Color-coded “one-step” dilation system, each dilator with a different diameter
  • Large-lumen, atraumatic irrigation channels for efficient aspiration of particles and foreign bodies from the hip joint
  • Microfractor PulseShifter – the flow of force is guided almost entirely along the curved shaft (45°) at the distal end

COXARTIS - Alignment Device
The passages to the joint in hip arthroscopy are created under X-ray guidance due to the thick layer of soft tissue surrounding the hip joint. Although X-ray examination is used as an additional imaging technique, there is still a risk of injuring the structure of blood vessels and nerves in the pelvis and thigh.

Starting from the primary telescope portal, the new COXARTIS Alignment Device for Hip Arthroscopy is used to create other work portals safely, quickly and with reduced X-ray exposure for the patient and surgical team. Our COXARTIS Alignment Device makes selecting the portal much easier, particularly for less experienced surgeons who are learning the technique of hip joint arthroscopy for the first time or who do not carry out regular hip joint arthroscopies.

  • Fixing the alignment arc at the irrigation ring means that the working length of 14.5 cm for the trocar sleeve is retained in full
  • This permits the use of the alignment device in obese patients

PowerDrive ART1
The instrument set is complemented by the universal Power Drive ART 1 motor system. This allows powerful shaver handles with a maximum operating speed of 16.000 rpm, power cutters and burrs, and drills and saws to be connected.

  • Automatic handle, blade and abrader identification  
    Identification of all motor handles and tools when they are connected to the device console and preselection of optimum application parameters
  • Automatic user memory function 
    Memory function for user-specific parameters (speed, torque, oscillation, language, display setting)
  • Memory function for shaver tool  
    Registration of length of use and frequency of use for reusable rotary shaver tool
  • HighSpeed shaver handles   
    Power Stick M5/0, without keypad with fixed connection cable  
    Power Stick M5/3, with keypad with fixed connection cable
  • Speed of rotation up to 16.000 rpm
  • Shaver tools from Ø 2 mm to Ø 8 mm


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