Controlled precision – the new irrigation and suction pump for arthroscopy

FLUID CONTROL Arthro is a new pump system for arthroscopic endoscopy. The particular strength of this system lies in a practical combination of high performance and cost-effective overall concept.
The new software and technical enhancements make the pump ideal for diagnostic and therapeutic arthroscopies.
FLUID CONTROL Arthro combines the irrigation and suction pump in a single unit. A vacuum pump is integrated alongside the roller pump for irrigation. A single tube is adequate for evacuation. A second roller-pump tube set is not required.

The system is equipped with high pressure and fluid capacity for faster and improved visibility in the proven wash mode and more flexibility in application. The intelligent fluid management system controls everything. Short response times if the pressure goes up or down. Automated and prompt pressure reduction if intra-articular pressure is elevated. The height difference can be compensated if the pump is positioned beneath the level of the patient. Fluid Control Arthro then automatically shows the actual intra-articular pressure in the display.

Predefined indication profiles permit particularly efficient operation. Application parameters for knee, shoulder and small joints are stored in the profiles. A total of up to 16 different, individually programmable profiles can be stored.

The system is fitted with intelligent transponder technology. This automatically recognizes whether the tube is a system-compatible Richard Wolf tube, the tube type and the number of applications still permitted.

  • Intuitive operation of the pump using ergonomic touchscreen user interface
  • Design pressure: up to 200 mmHg
  • Design flow: up to 2 l/min.
  • Tube set management using transponder technology
  • Recognition of single-use and multi-use tubes
  • For multi-use tubes: monitoring of twenty-fold reprocessability
  • For single-use tube sets: deactivation after use, no more likelihood of confusion
  • Highly cost-effective with day-patient tube sets – already cost-effective from two applications a day
  • Only the patient tube fitted with special hygiene connector (Care-Lock®) is changed
  • Intuitive operation of the pump using touchscreen or autoclavable remote control
  • Autoclavable remote control for managing flow, pressure and wash function
  • The wash function can also be activated using a foot switch
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