PiezoLith 3000Plus

Focusing on multimodal stone management

Urological stone management now encompasses a variety of procedures in which extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy has become established as the central treatment.
The combination with endourological interventions places particular demands on a multimodal ESWL workstation for stone management.

The innovative, modular and mobile PiezoLith 3000Plus concept with its pioneering control philosophy is ideal for meeting this requirement.   

Automatic patient positioning of the PiezoLith 3000Plus, in conjunction with unique selling points like the piezoelectric double interface technology, three-way focus and dual-simultaneous real-time location provide the fundamentals for the new generation of ESWL devices.

  • Innovative, world-first, unique computer & software-based in-image navigation with ultrasound and X-ray location
  • Ultrasound and X-ray live imaging
  • Multipanel-capable and remote control
  • Outpatient, anesthetic and sedation-free treatments
  • New, multifunctional treatment table – easily adaptable with "plug & play"
  • Toggle between lithotripsy and urology mode
  • Three X-ray transparent CFRP ranges for ESWL and endourology treatments
  • Multi-operable and multi-controllable using the hand switch or touch panels

Dual simultaneous real-time location (DSR)

  • Continuous inline ultrasound monitoring possible without radiation exposure and without interruption to shockwave therapy

Therapy source

  • Piezoelectric, direct focusing shockwave technology
  • Worldwide unique guaranteed service life of 5 million shockwaves (or 2 years)
  • Penetration depths max. 165 mm central / 200 mm distal (-6db)
  • Single pulse, continuous pulse of 30 - 360 shockwaves per minute and ECG synchronization possible
  • Low shockwave noise level of max. 82dB(A)

Control unit

  • 19" touch panel in widescreen format
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