Reprocessing baskets for standard endoscopes

Safe accommodation for transport, storage, machine reprocessing and sterilization

The telescope reprocessing baskets made of high quality stainless steel have been designed in such a way as to ensure that no spray shadows are created. The endoscopes are fixed in place by bead chains which ensure a secure hold while also guaranteeing a minimal contact surface. The silicone chains are easily exchanged – and they can be steam sterilized more than 200 times. Universality is another important attribute of these baskets. Virtually all standard makes of telescope can be accommodated in this system.

  • Suitable for ethylene-oxide and formaldehyde sterilization procedures
  • For safe accommodation of a telescope during transport, storage, machine reprocessing and sterilization
  • Three different lengths for all endoscopic telescopes
  • Minimal contact surface – optimum cleaning with point support
  • Sprung support for the telescope using silicone strips – protection against vibrations or impacts on the basket
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