Strength meets efficiency – Bioactive and bioresorbable tendon anchors

The T-Lock OSTEOTRANS tendon anchor is a unique implant for reconstructive cruciate ligament surgery.
The main area of application for the tendon anchor is femoral fixation of tendon grafts (semitendinosus tendon) in the reconstruction of anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments (ACL / PCL) in knee surgery. The T-Lock OSTEOTRANS tendon anchor ensures an extremely high level of pull-out strength for fixation of femoral cruciate ligaments in a bottle-shaped tunnel which does not generally require additional use of the gracilis tendon for the graft.
The bioactive and bioresorbable implant achieves an anatomically correct positioning and fixation of the graft close to the joint.

  • Very high pull-out strength of 1300 N    
  • Simple and time-saving graft-implant preparation
  • Only the semitendinosus tendon has to be removed to create a 4-way graft for ACL / PCL reconstruction    
  • Anatomical fixation near the joint
  • Ideal for single-bundle and twin-bundle reconstruction of the cruciate ligaments
  • Made of Osteotrans, bioresorbable composite material with high mechanical strength
  • Osteoconductive – The uHA particles are broken down directly by osteoclasts and hence conduct the surrounding bony structures into the surface of the implant
  • No encapsulation of the implant by continuous acid buffering when the PLLA is broken down
  • No osteolysis
  • Long-term bioresorption
  • Bone formation through remodeling process



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