The perspective in rectoscopy

Hemorrhoidal disorders are some of the most frequent diseases in the anal area. The conventional methods of examination are unpleasant for the patient and the attending physician alike. These very restricted techniques placed significant constraints on documenting the findings.

The RectoLution-System from Richard Wolf opens up a series of new and unprecedented perspectives in rectoscopy.

A large working channel integrated in the telescope is ideal for carrying a wide range of surgical interventions. The patented transparent viewing cap replaces the conventional obturator in the RectoLution-System and allows endoscopy of the anal canal to be carried out under natural conditions for the first time. Structures down to the capillary level can be envisioned in brilliant detail. This system can even be used to examine painful diseases of the anal canal.
A suction ligature set has been developed especially for the RectoLution-System allowing hemorrhoid ligation to be visualized and documented under video endoscopic view.  

  • RectoLution Scope, direction of view 10°, outer diameter 18 mm with oval working channel 16.5 x 12 mm, working length 195 mm, handle with integrated cold light connection
  • RectoLution ligator, working length 340 mm
  • RectoLution tube, diameter 21 mm, working length 190 mm
  • Viewing caps, transparent, closed at the distal end or available with distal opening
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