Resectoscope with automatic chip suction for permanent overview

The resectoscope is regarded throughout the world as the "Gold Standard" in the therapy of intracavitary myomas.
When a myoma resection is carried out, the chips from the resection float in the dilatation medium and make a clear overview increasingly difficult or obstruct the view altogether. The chips then have to be removed periodically. Every time the resectoscope is inserted again, coagulated blood first has to be flushed out when the hydrometra is established until good visualization of the operating site has been achieved and the resection can then be continued. Manipulations of this nature entail an enhanced risk of perforation. Longer operating times present a particular risk of the dangerous TUR syndrome.

The RESECTION MASTER automatically sucks up chips and removes them from the uterine cavity without impairing the hydrometra. Repeated interruptions of the resection no longer occur and the resectoscope does not have to be removed and reinserted a number of times. Simultaneous automatic chip aspiration ensures continuous visualization throughout the myoma resection. This makes the length of the surgical intervention much shorter. A considerable reduction in complications results compared with surgery using the conventional resectoscope, and the entire myoma resection is a much easier procedure for the surgeon to perform.

  • Continuous overview – of the uterine cavity during the entire resection 
  • Simplified resection – fewer problems during chip removal
  • No collapse of the cavity due to extremely short suction pulses
  • High level of safety because curettage or repeated removal and reinsertion of the resectoscope are not necessary
  • Universal monopolar and bipolar application
  • User-friendly menu navigation with LCD display
  • Short operation times 
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