New benchmarks in Single-Port Surgery

The innovative single-port technology can now also be used for standard interventions. Alongside surgery, this technique can be applied in gynecology and urology.

The innovative complete system opens up fantastic technical and economic perspectives. The reusable character of the KeyPort-System eliminates discussions about additional costs.

  • Reusability
  • Modular structure
  • Simple introduction and securely anchored
  • The KeyPort silicone seal insert enables all instrument diameters to be accommodated
  • Extended length 5.7 mm single-port telescope with 30% more illumination than a standard scope
  • Instruments with universal application

Additional degrees of freedom are gained by the new double-rotatable instruments DuoRotate and InLine with specially designed shape to complete the KeyPort range. This contributes to much more precise work and eliminates the problem associated with lack of triangulation in the single-port technique.

  • Double-curved sheath 
  • Jaw insert at the center of the endoscopic image
  • Modular, three-part structure of the instruments

Refined individual components permit users to put together their individual single-port setup – easily and transparently within a modular building-block system.


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