Digital archiving systems for endoscopy

Richard Wolf supplies digital archiving systems for endoscopy at every level:
These range from simple medically authorized USB recorders to the complete, multimedia image management system core nova  (PACS System in conformity with the DICOM standard).

USB memory device Medicapture
Richard Wolf supplies products from Medicapture as simple USB memory systems. The Medicapture USB300 HDTV permits recording and storage of HD and HDTV film sequences and images on the USB stick and external hard drives.
The MediCapture USB200 allows recordings of digital medical images and video clips from virtually any analog medical imaging devices which have standard BNC or S video outputs.

Digital USB printer Sony
Printers are often a "gray area" in operating-room settings, as soon as products from the consumer sector are linked up with medical PCs. The Sony UP-DR80MD closes this gap. A compact, high-quality printer with medical authorization.

  • USB printers for PC applications, documentation systems and ENDOCAM Logic HD
  • Informative documentation with endoscopically recorded HD images in photo quality
  • Laminate layer on the printing paper to protect the surface, which means it can be stored for longer periods of time
  • Ideal for integration in the RIWOmobil equipment cart