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3D endoscopy system in HD quality

Highest endoscopic full HD image quality with three-dimensional depth – this is what ENDOCAM Epic 3DHD stands for. Human beings use both eyes to orientate themselves in space. ENDOCAM Epic 3DHD also uses two eyes to generate a stereoscopic image.


The advantages of the ENDOCAM Epic 3DHD camera:

  • Three-dimensional and realistic image of the surgical area

  • Optimized full HD image quality in 3D and 2D

  • Improved hand to eye coordination

  • More precise spatial orientation

  • Helps improve surgical precision

  • Easier and safer handling of instruments and tissue

  • 3D image for the entire surgical team

  • Shorter learning curves

  • Shorter operating time

  • Minimized operation costs

A new dimension of 3D

3DHD – Optimized image quality 
The ENDOCAM Epic 3DHD achieves maximum 3D image quality in full HD using two 3-chip HD sensors.


Natural spatial image with distortion-free endoscope 
The natural stereo 3D imaging process of the ENDOCAM Epic 3DHD starts with the high-quality 3D endoscopes. This camera system is based on Richard Wolf's long-standing experience of 3D endoscopy and the resultant development of endoscopes. The two optical channels are distortion-free and render the space geometrically accurately without any unnatural curves.

Connections and monitors 
ENDOCAM Epic 3DHD has three HD-SDI-3D pairs as outputs. These outputs can, for instance, be connected to up to three 3D monitors or viewed individually as 2D images. During surgery, it is of course also possible to toggle between the conventional 2D image and the stereoscopic 3D image on the controller. Richard Wolf recommends professional 32" format 3D monitors with lightweight 3D polarizing glasses as 3D monitors in the operating theater.


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