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Disposable products for endourology

Everything from a single source

Completing the product portfolio with the disposable products means that the complete equipment needed for endourological procedures (video and laser equipment, instruments, and disposable products) is available.

The assortment of sterile disposable products offers a great variety of items in the following areas:

  • Percutaneous nephrolitholapaxy (PCNL):

  • Flexible ureterorenoscopy & laser lithotripsy

  • Semi-rigid ureterorenoscopy

  • Cystoscopy

Product portfolio overview

Access sheaths

  • Unique expandable dilator tip
  • Atraumatic tip transition

Ureteral catheter with Tiemann or Nelaton tip

  • With a stylet for straightening and for better maneuverability in the ureter

Ureteral occlusion catheter

  • With hydrophilic tip – facilitates insertion
  • Gentle dilation – catheter tapers conically
  • Transparent connector can be fitted-on intuitively and does not have to be aligned

Guide wires

  • The right wire for every indication


Stone basket, tipless

  • Small diameter for better irrigation (design in 1.3 Fr.)
  • Ergonomic handle, removable, with intuitive control


Stone basket, dormia

  • Filigree stone basket with tip
  • Ergonomic handle design with non-slip surface

Ureteral stents

  • Different versions (double-J, mono-J)
  • The characteristic (standard, soft, hard or with metal spiral for tumors, ESWL) is matched to the patient/requirements

Flexible injection needles

  • In two sizes with visual orientation aid

Dilatator sets

  • Adapted to the nephroscope sheaths and Amplatz sheaths from R. Wolf

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