A work experience semester, a final dissertation, working while studying

If you are already part way through your studies, we offer the best circumstances for a successful career. Whether you are wish to gain initial experience in the context of a work placement semester or are looking for support for your bachelor's or master's thesis, Richard Wolf offers interesting prospects for the future.

Expand your theoretical knowledge by though challenging work experience and strengthen our team by bringing your knowledge and your ideas to the table.



Lay the foundation for your future career and send your CV, preferably as a file (PDF, max. 6 MB) by E-Mail.

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Practical experience at Richard Wolf

"Spirit of excellence" is our guiding principle – you will also be a part of it during your studies.

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Your application

Plan a successful future with us!

Your application is easier than you think. All you need for it is:

  • A personal application letter
  • Tabular CV
  • Certificates of results and documents proving work experience
  • current overview of performance
  • Graduation certificate


For your entry into the "spirit of excellence" you should also demonstrate:

  • Good academic achievements
  • Teamwork ability
  • The ability to work on the basis of your own initiative
  • At least eight weeks to a maximum of six months of time

Please send your full application documents as a file (PDF, max. 6 MB) by E-Mail.


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