Dilating Video Mediastinoscope

Our video mediastinoscope can be dismantled for reprocessing.

Richard Wolf simplified reprocessing by introducing a dilating video mediastinoscope that can be completely disassembled. With only a few simple steps, this instrument breaks down into five parts for reprocessing. The ergonomic design and integrated optics provide you with an enhanced operating experience.


Features at a glance

  • Can be completely dismantled for reprocessing.
  • Parallel (height) and distal-end spatula blade dilation creates an optimal operating space in the mediastinum.
  • Suction and irrigation channel for cleaning the distal lens of debris during surgery.
  • Integrated Richard Wolf optics provide constant, clear visualization of the operation site.
  • Universal connection to Richard Wolf camera systems.
  • Conforms to the latest guidelines in cleaning and reprocessing.


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