Mini-Thoracoscopy Set for Single-Port Technique

Maximum versatility with minimal access.

This all-in-one instrument set for single-port thoracoscopy allows minimally invasive diagnostic procedures to be carried out in the thoracic area with one small, 5-mm puncture. The semi-flexible operating endoscope that is the basis of the instrument set features an integrated, 3.5-mm working channel which provides access for a variety of instruments. The channel can be also be used for suctioning when the instrument has been inserted. The user-friendly ergonomic design increases comfort and control. Flexible trocar sheaths, biopsy forceps, a hook and coagulation button, electrodes, probes, suction tubes, and a power spray are included in the set.


Features at a glance

  • Ergonomic design reduces fatigue.

  • Small, 5.5-mm outer diameter.

  • 3.5-mm working channel can be used for various instruments, as well as suction and irrigation.

  • Instruments can be quickly changed while maintaining orientation through the scope’s working channel.

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