Richard Wolf Endobronchial Shaver Blades and Secretion Remover

Precise removal of soft tissue.

Work in interventional bronchoscopy is carried out in conditions with very narrow lumens, therefore, it is an area of precision, where every usable centimeter is helpful. Existing methods for endobronchial soft tissue removal can be effortlessly carried out with the curved or straight Richard Wolf Endobronchial Shaver Blades.

They are actually different versions of rotary blades, which function with the Micro Stick S1 shaver handle. The oscillating cutting edge of inner blades and the handle simultaneously connected to the aspiration system permit tissue-saving and targeted resection. Integrated suction in the handle clears away collected tissue removed at the distal end of the blade. Working like a conveyor belt, the viscous secretions are easily removed. The set can be completed with a bipolar suction device for coagulation.

The shaver blades, the remover, and the bipolar suction device are specially designed to integrate with the TEXAS Bronchoscope, but can also be used with conventional rigid bronchoscopes.

Features at a glance

  • Blades have sharp cutting surfaces, serrated or smooth.

  • Curved upward at the distal end for a better view of the shaver tip in the endoscopic image.

  • 360° rotation.

  • Special coating makes the inner blade glide more smoothly.

  • Innovative secretion removal of thick, viscous secretions or coagulated blood with the rotating, spiral coil Secretion Remover.

  • Bipolar suction device provides simultaneous suction and coagulation.

  • CO2 channel for the tracheoscope tubes.

  • Low weight of the shaver handle avoids hand fatigue.

  • Time-effective, precision removal.

  • Blades are single use.

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