Spine Surgery

Musculoskeletal pain ranks among the most frequent reasons for seeking medical help. Degenerative diseases of the spine are a focus of daily practice in departments of spine surgery.

Full-endoscopic spine surgery - spinal disk operation
An endoscopic spinal disk operation is a less invasive method for patients compared with open surgery. When open operations are carried out on the spine, more extensive skin incisions are made which cut through large areas of different tissue layers in order to access the target area where the disk hernia is located. Minimally invasive techniques allow tissue damage and its consequences to be reduced. Endoscopic operations carried out under continuous irrigation demonstrate the advantages that make these procedures the benchmark in many different areas of surgery.

Conventional and full-endoscopic surgery on the lumbar spine
Full-endoscopic surgery on the lumbar spine has now achieved an established status within the overall concept of surgery. Taking due account of the indication criteria, it provides an adequate and safe complement or alternative to conventional surgery. Full-endoscopic operations on the cervical and thoracic spine are also feasible.
Nevertheless, conventional and maximally invasive operations will continue to be indispensable in spine surgery today and in the future.

Interlaminar and transforminal approach for full-endoscopic lumbar spine surgery
Over the past 20 years, transforaminal procedures with posterolateral access have been used in the area of the lumbar spine. The working area is mainly intradiskal, as well as involving an intraforaminal and extraforaminal approach. Since 1998, lateral, transforaminal and interlaminar approaches have been developed for spine surgery and pain therapy using full-endoscopic techniques to gain access to the spinal canal. After all the indication criteria have been taken into account, these techniques expand the spectrum of indications and permit a visualized approach equivalent to conventional operations which includes all the advantages of a minimally invasive procedure.

In cooperation with leading global spine surgeons, Richard Wolf developed instrument sets and surgical ports for full-endoscopic spine operations which are today used throughout the world.
VERTEBRIS - the complex operation system
The VERTEBRIS lumbar instrument set is intended for a wide range of indications involving endoscopic operations on the lumbar spine. The area of application for the instrument set is the interlaminar, transforaminal, or extraforaminal port at the lumbar and thoracic spine.
VERTEBRIS lumbar and the full-endoscopic surgical techniques

Richard Wolf established a global network and naturally also offers a program of international training courses of superlative quality - because secure and reliable results are guaranteed by using standardized techniques in conjunction with a perfectly harmonized instrument set.