Flexible bronchoscopy

Flexible bronchoscopy has attained an increasingly important role in routine clinical practice compared with rigid bronchoscopy. Many procedures performed with rigid bronchoscopy can be carried out faster using flexible instruments and a more patient-friendly intervention (under local anesthetic). They allow deeper examination of structures and are less traumatic. These interventions are not as personnel-intensive and less preparation time is necessary making the procedures more cost-effective to perform.

Treatment areas:

  • Diagnosis of respiratory diseases
  • Removal of biopsies
  • Complementing rigid bronchoscopy for interventional procedures
  • Therapeutic interventions
  • Bronchial lavage
  • Intubation aid with optical visualization
  • Removal of foreign bodies
  • Diagnosis for early-stage identification of bronchial carcinomas

Video Endoscopes and Auto Fluorescence Endoscopy
Richard Wolf supplies the complete range of flexible Fiber and Video Bronchoscopes. These Video Bronchoscopes permit detailed examination of the tissue being investigated in outstanding color.

The DAFE Endoscopy System was specially developed for early diagnosis of bronchial carcinoma. DAFE (Diagnostic Auto Fluorescence Endoscopy) is an imaging system for early diagnosis of cancerous changes in the bronchial region. This involves blue light generated by a special light source being focused on the tissue. A block filter in the image pathway blocks the blue light of excitation remitted from the tissue and only then is the autofluorescence light of the tissue visible. A major advantage of autofluorescence endoscopy is that in contrast to PPD (photodynamic diagnosis) no drugs have to be administered to generate the fluorescence.

The clinical staff can choose between a standard video bronchoscope and two versions of the DAFE Video Bronchoscope for autofluorescence diagnosis. Their choice will suit the needs of the individual patient.