Rigid rectoscopy is a pioneering procedure for diagnosis in the anorectal region and for identifying inflammatory or cancerous changes.
The examinations are carried out in a left lateral position, in the lithotomy position or in the knee-elbow position.


  • Disorders in the anal region
  • Blood in the patient’s stool
  • Chronic inflammatory gastrointestinal diseases  
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Polyps
  • Tumors

Alongside standard rectoscopes, in reusable stainless-steel or disposable versions, Richard Wolf has developed the "RectoLution System" to provide an instrument set for reliable diagnosis and therapy.

Digital video endoscopy also provides precise documentation of findings from diagnosis and therapy.
A Suction Ligature Set has been developed especially for the RectoLution System to provide hemorrhoidal ligation. The instrument is inserted through a large oval working channel. The patented transparent viewing cap replaces the conventional obturator in the RectoLution System and allows endoscopy of the anal canal to be carried out under natural conditions.

The instrument set for proctoscopy and rectoscopy is complemented by the "RECTO PUMP" instrument system. This has been specially designed for efficient cleaning of the rectal cavity in order to provide clear visualization with irrigation and suction.