Pediatric urology

Pediatric urology is a highly specialized branch of urology and deals with the diagnosis and treatment of urological diseases which occur in children from birth to adulthood. Over recent years, minimally invasive therapy (endourology) has become increasingly important as a result of miniaturization of telescopes and improvement in surgical techniques.

Individually tailored instruments are supplied for gentle, endoscopic therapy with subureteric injection of the orifices of the ureters to treat VUR (VesicoUretero renal Reflux) in children.

The product range of Richard Wolf in pediatric urology comprises instrument systems for diagnosis and therapy of the upper and lower urinary tract. These include …

…for newborns and infants
Miniature compact fiber cystourethroscope 4.5 / 6.5 Fr.
for gentle passage through the urethra

…for infants
Compact universal operation cystourethroscope, 8 / 9.8 Fr.
for reflux therapy (VUR = Vesicoureteral reflux)

… for adolescent teenagers
The dimensions of the "MIDI-size" instrument set are between those of instrument sets for children and adults and they permit maximally atraumatic therapy.
Alongside two cysto-urethroscopes (12.5 Fr. and 14.5 Fr.) with working channels of 5 Fr. and 7 Fr. respectively, the "MIDI-size" instrument set also offers a resectoscope of 14.5 Fr. and provides an additional option for endourological surgery in conjunction with the associated auxiliary instrument set.