Shoulder Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy of the shoulder joint has increasingly been standardized during recent years. Following initial diagnosis, extraction of foreign bodies, and treatment of inflammatory processes, reconstructive procedures are increasingly being carried out arthroscopically. An important enabler for this kind of minimally invasive surgical technique was the development of implants for refixation of tendons and ligaments to bone that can be used in endoscopic procedures. Continual optimization of the instruments has meant that most trauma and degenerations can be treated arthroscopically in the area of the shoulder joint.

The instrument set for reconstructive shoulder arthroscopy supplied by Richard Wolf offers a safe and efficient approach for arthroscopic rotator cuff reconstruction and shoulder stabilization.

A standard 4 mm arthroscope with 30° direction of view, a hooked probe, grasping forceps, and Arthroline punch constitute the basic instrument set. The comprehensive equipment includes suture anchors, suture cutters and a range of hand instruments, e.g. the "Endospike" shoulder suture instrument for the rotator cuff suture and various instruments for suture management.
Transparent, sterile instrument sleeves with external thread and reusable, interchangeable trocars are supplied for the work portals.

The instrument set is complemented by the following devices …

PowerDrive ART1
The universal Power Drive ART1 motor system allows powerful shaver handles with a maximum operating speed of 16.000 rpm, power cutters and burrs, and drills and saws to be connected.

The new system for arthroscopic endoscopy combines an irrigation and suction pump in a single device. Predefined indication profiles permit particularly efficient operation. Application parameters for knee, shoulder and small joints are stored in the profiles. A total of up to 16 different individually programmable profiles can be stored.