Profitability and efficiency in the operating theater

(Knittlingen, 18 April 2016) Profitability and efficiency in the operating theater are objectives for hospitals and medical practices. Shorter times for operations and documentation with identical outcomes for interventions are the result of purchasing modern Operating Room Management Systems. The entirely network-based Operating Room System core nova from medical technology company Richard Wolf supports hospitals and medical practices in achieving these targets.

The system is controlled using touchscreen PCs which operate independently of each other. For example, devices, operating tables, and surgical lamps can be integrated within the system. Video sources and surgical lamps, room cameras, ultrasound and X-ray equipment can be integrated, and the system can be used to route the image data and document it.

Salem Hospital in Heidelberg is one of many hospitals throughout the world where operating room integration is being deployed: “Integrative operation of technology delivers an array of facilitators – particularly for support staff – for operating the individual elements. For example, it is now no longer necessary to switch on and adjust all the instruments and devices individually. The integrative system can be used to manage them centrally from one place. Major simplifications have also been introduced for documentation of our work in the operating theater, which is a very important aspect for us as surgeons: Images and videos can easily be recorded and assigned directly to the patient and saved in the hospital information system. Precise documentation will certainly play an increasingly important role in the future. Downstream from an operation, this also gives us significant time-saving benefits because many processes effectively run automatically or can be started up in just a few operational steps,” according to PD Dr. Moritz von Frankenberg, Deputy Chief Physician for Surgery at Salem Hospital, Heidelberg.

Mobile solutions and fixed, fully integrated stationary solutions can be implemented to suit the requirements and budget. Many functions are available even in the mobile version and device control is also possible. The system update at the Heidelberg hospital was carried out in one day and this was facilitated by using the existing IT infrastructure. The server is the only interface to the hospital IT. This leads to a reduction of cost-based interfaces, which are scaled down to a minimum. The majority of the functions are realized using software and this significantly reduces the footprint required for just a few components – rendering a separate technology room superfluous and cutting costs as a result.

The decision to adopt core nova continues to be evaluated in a very positive way at Salem Hospital in Heidelberg, according to PD Dr. Moritz von Frankenberg: “We are very satisfied with the core nova system –it allows us to carry out operations using the most advanced technology and also document our work.” The system has also been accepted by the entire operating team: “The new system in particular has been received extremely well.”His conclusion: “An integrative operating room system makes work easier, saves time, and is enjoyable to use.” 

Richard Wolf GmbH is a mid-sized company manufacturing medical instruments. It employs a workforce of more than 1,500 employees and maintains a global network of fourteen subsidiaries and 130 foreign representatives. The company develops, manufactures and markets a large range of products for endoscopy and extracorporeal shock wave treatment in human medicine. Integrated Operating Room Systems complete the product portfolio.


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