Basic Training Course 2

Imaging, Urology, Gen. Surgery, Gynecology, core, Sales-training

Content Basic Product training course:
Specific introduction and overview of product groups. Anatomy, physiology, and pathology. Application-oriented instruments and devices, hands-on training with practice-oriented tips and tricks. Overview Competitors.

Profile target group:
People involved in selling endoscopic products with little or no experience of Wolf instruments or devices in the corresponding discipline.

General information:
The training will be held after registration confirmation and sufficient number of participants. Please inform us as soon as possible about planned participation. For further information use the Registration/contact-form.

20 available

20 total

Richard Wolf GmbH
Pforzheimer Straße 32
75438, Knittlingen, Germany
Prima Vista - Richard Wolf Academy

Pforzheimer Straße 32
75438 Knittlingen

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